Service calls

Let us manage your service calls to allow you to take care of your customers, citizens or tenants.

Services Funéraires

Our offer

Kewix Telecom offers a complete solution to manage your service calls, including:

  • Reception of requests and service calls.
  • A solution to plan the tasks and affect the appropriate work according to requests.
  • A tool to transmit all the details of the calls and requests to the stakeholders.
  • Real -time monitoring of work and automation of hours worked and management management.
  • A ticket system to follow the evolution of the work.
  • A simple and efficient solution does not require software installation.


Using our call for service calls, you can take advantage of the following advantages :

  • 1. Improvement of operational efficiency thanks to automated task management.
  • 2. Reduction of intervention time thanks to a better organization of service calls.
  • 3. Better customer satisfaction thanks to a faster and more efficient response to service requests.
  • 4. Increase in the productivity of stakeholders thanks to better task planning.
Our call service is designed to manage all your incoming calls, freeing up your time and resources to focus on your customers in person. We offer services such as information requests, making appointments You and even certain customer service tasks.
Yes, absolutely! Our agents are undergoing specific training to understand the details and terminology specific to the automotive sector. This expertise allows them to provide a quality service superior to your customers and to understand their requests more efficiently.
Yes, we can! Our infrastructure is designed to manage high call volumes, even during peak periods. You can trust that each call will be treated with professionalism and diligence, regardless of the volume of calls.